Security, Your Company security is first with us, it
              is one of the biggest issues and the reason many companies
              use us, we know what damage could be if any data or
              information was to get out on equipment, we take pride and
              "a lot" of time to insure your data to be as
              safe as possible.
Your assets mean
              as much to us as they do to you, we take pride in our
              offeringsYou should know whats about to happen to your
                equipment!Making the right decision, based on your needsContact us right now, in most cases we can have it
                picked up within 24 hours from now



money return Estate Family & Personal items
Step 1
Asset Management
From daily upgrades to sales force automation to system wide migrations displaced assets need to be properly decommissioned, sold or disposed of.
Leasing Companies:
"Off Lease" Returned assets need to be remarketed as quickly as possible to maximize their value after lease termination.
Retailers, "e"tailers, OEM:
Maximizing the value and minimizing the handling of returned and "overstocked' assets is a challenge for every organization.
Estate and Personal Items:
     If you are moving and can't take it with you, if you are down sizing from a house to an apartment or you have had a loved one pass away "Please Visit our Estate Page"
Step 2
Logistics high end


Grandassets provides a complete asset management & recovery solution that includes: logistics, on-site de-installation, detailed inventory auditing and reporting.

Step 3

Refurbishing Process recovery products
                        buying selling  

 Our Refurbishing Process

Once products are received at our facilities they go through a 12 point check.
     No matter what the product is they all go through the same process.

Step 4
                        Products to the World

 Selling Products to the World

Every product we receive and/or refurbish is sold to businesses via the World Wide Web. Grandassets has built a brand that is synonymous with quality which has allowed it to establish a global community of customers.

Step 5
Determining Necessity  

 Determining Necessity

Not every business needs our Full Service Program. For companies that have products that are ready to sell, we have a global exchange ready to buy & sell products and services.

Step 6
Shipping & Delivery face to face real

 Immediate Shipping & Delivery

We have built a world class IT infrastructure. Http://
Through Windows 2007 Advanced Server & SAP application we tie our front end web site to our back end ordering system. 90% of our orders now ship within 24 hours of entry.

UPS - USPS - Fedx
Step 7

 Revenue Sharing with Partners

Our Internet presence allows us to capture top dollar on every asset and share this with our customers.

Step 8

 Customer Service

Toll Free 607-595-1311 programs includes but not limited to: Buyout - Closeouts - Overstock - Going out of business - Remarketing - Trade-in, Redeployment, Employee buy back programs, Charity Donation, Lease Return, on hold and old Technology support and Environmental Disposal.


When Only The Best Will Do!

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