Security, Your Company security is first with us, it is one of the biggest issues and the reason many companies use us, we know what damage could be if any data or information was to get out on equipment, we take pride and "a lot" of time to insure your data to be as safe as possible.
Your assets mean as much to us as they do to you, we take pride in our offeringsYou should know whats about to happen to your equipment!Making the right decision, based on your needsContact us right now, in most cases we can have it picked up within 24 hours from now
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When a loved one passes away they leave behind items that we may not be able to use or for what ever reason we need to clear out those items. If your lawyers or attorney at law are handling it have them give us a call. If you and your family members are taking care of things, one item or a whole house full. We are very professional and only serve the North East U.S (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey down to D.C)


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We have been known to facilitate a pick up within 24 hours of contact ...
Also we offer contract cases and NDA Nondisclosure agreement if requested. (Downloadable from our site)
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