Assets liquidates new, used, PC workstations, networking
              equipment, servers and even office equipment, end of life
              PC and Mac hardware, Its not just used computer items to
              be refurb, we also recycle office equipment and
              furnishings. & going out of business stock
Grandassets Disposal of Assets and liquidation
              Recycle services, Supprt and consulting Computer and
              officeYour assets mean
                as much to us as they do to you, we take pride in our
                offeringsYou should know whats about to happen to your
                equipment!Making the right decision, based on your needsContact us right now, in most cases we can have it
                picked up within 24 hours from now

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Disposal of Assets or Liquidation - Estate items & Personal

It is a challenge managing the life-cycle of your business, personal and technology assets!

     We can turn your old equipment, getting it out of your way fast, freeing up needed space at your location. Whether it's one time or on-going as your company upgrades, turn it into cash or a tax write off.
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     From PC workstations, networking equipment, servers and even office equipment, Grandassets provides a turnkey asset management solution for the decommissioning and web based re-marketing of displaced technology.
     Its not just used computer items to be refurbished, we also recycle office equipment, furnishings, overstock, collectables, and personal assets.

     We transport, refurbish, repair, re-market and provide disposal services in a secure manner. We will take the good, the bad and the ugly and sweep the floor behind us, We are a leader in web based remarketing of displaced technology through our web sites, as well as other developed web based and traditional channels through the resources we have built over the last eight years.

     Whether you're a corporation upgrading your IT assets infrastructure, a leasing company managing the "backend" of your leased (Off Lease) portfolio, a retailer for recovery of old shelf assets, OEM, "e"tailer managing returns and "overstock" or are going out of business .... Grandassets has the answer!

     Every square foot that we can clear for you is cost-savings, streamlined operations and new business opportunities. These are just some of the benefits of letting us manage your asset recovery.

     We also coordinate donations to companies like GoodWill, Feed the Children, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and schools, that in itself most of the time is worth more than the money that would be made from the sale of equipment.
     With the recent downturn in the world's economy it is really important now to tighten inventory and internal assets. The .com failures of the 90's is behind us now and we need to get back to a normal economy.
     Most corporations have a diverse set of assets such as internal assets (Information Tech, Personal Computer, Telecommunications PBX-VOIP and phone equipment, Workstations, Networking, Furniture, Real Estate, etc) having just the right amount inventories for production is not easy.

     We are also very environmental and it is the right thing to do .....

Estate and Personal Items: "Please Visit our Estate Page"
     If you are moving and can't take it with you, if you are down sizing from a house to an apartment with limited space, you have been paying storage way to long or you have had a loved one pass away.

     Cities, States and Provinces served please see contact page. (Contact Us Now)

Revolutionary Idea!
    An interesting memorial to the saving ways of George Washington is a yellowed requisition slip calling for a new chain for a Navy ship. Across the paper, faded but still legible, appear the words:
"Approved, but cannot something be realized from the old chain?" - G. Washington

When Only The Best Will Do!
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Security, Your Company security is first with us,
                it is one of the biggest issues and the reason many
                companies use us, we know what damage could be if any
                data or information was to get out on equipment, we take
                pride and "a lot" of time to insure your data
                to be as safe as possible.
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